{ T I M I D }

Disclaimer & PSA;

As of late, my journal has become more private and more concerned with personal affairs than fandom related topics. I talk about these things to good friends and rather it stay that way. I have met many wonderful people but a close friendship is dependent on both parties. It's hard for me to keep up with 200 people online when I am constantly bustling about outside of the internet. So, in order to strengthen the close friendships I already have and keep this information to people I feel comfortable disclosing it to, I did a massive friends cut.

No, this is not a 'comment to stay' entry. If I have removed you, it is because I do not identify you as someone who I communicate with on a semi-regular basis. However, do not think that this is a form of ex-communication. If we bump into each other because of mutual friends or an event, I'd love to chat it up. My more private matters or serious discussions I'd like to leave to a more selective group, is all.

I also removed journals that simply haven't updated in the past six months. I want this to be a place where I can freely express my stream of consciousness without censoring myself. It is my journal after all. Feel free to message me if you want any specific clarification.
{ A T l a s t }

Support and Success start with an S;

I don't often ask you guys to vote for anything, if at all, but this is important to Idan and because it's important for him, it's important for me.

As many as you know, my boyfriend Idan is attending school in Florida. Out of 3000 applicants, The Film School at Florida State University accepts 24 students to attend the school. It's very competitive to get in and once you're in, you're given an amazing opportunity to understand and master almost all areas of film production. The Film School at FSU is vocational-like and once you graduate, are guaranteed employment in the Industry (much like FIT). People who have graduated ended up working with Tyler Perry, Pixar, Dreamworks, Miramax. Big names. Big opportunities.

And although it's an amazing opportunity for him, it requires him to live in Tallahassee, FL until he graduates in 2013. He'll be graduating a semester early compared to general students of the same year. During his years as a film student, he'll be going to school in trimesters so he won't have a big summer break. It's been a big obstacle for him to adjust to life down there, and at times it's hard for me too. The first year is always the hardest in terms of understanding where you are and getting into the swing of things.

But he's done more than adjust, I'm sure he's very comfortable with his duel life. He has befriended a group of really good people who are passionate, friendly and nerdy. They're all in the same boat, yea?

So about two weeks ago he and his closest friends entered in 48 hr film contest in Tallahassee. Their group had to write, shoot, edit a short film in 48 hours. What a challenge, yea? Then the film is submitted for public voting and whichever entry gets the most votes is shown at the Tallahassee Film Festival. This is not only a good way to start getting yourself out there, but it really was a project of collaboration and team effort. Call me biased, but their film is really cute and I really want to push their group forward.

You can view his group's (Team Presto!) film entitled, "Wheels of Fortune" at this link.

You can vote for it here.

I'd really appreciate if you guys would vote (you can do so more than once!) and spread the word! It really means a lot to him. ♥